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ISIS Monster Kills And Rapes HUNDREDS…And You Will Not BELIEVE His Defense – SICK

These people need to be stopped.

We’ve all watched with horror over the years as ISIS, which grew and expanded in both power and geographical location under Barack Obama’s administration, carried out acts of terror and violence to the level of nearly unimaginable in modern society.

The head-cutting. The burning alive of innocents. The rapes and sex slaveries of young girls and Christian women.

But such is the way of a JV team, right Obama?

This is why America is celebrating the new administration and people like Senator Ted Cruz, who has proposed that anyone who joins ISIS or any other terrorist group in America gets their citizenship revoked.

Anyhow, it’s probably true that these ongoing acts of ISIS viciousness have become a little bit less vicious in our minds – that we’ve become desensitized to the brutality of the terror group.

After all, ISIS is in the news every day; ISIS is out chopping off someone’s head every day, out raping some new village of innocent women and girls every day.

But the bigger question still remains: How can these animals live with themselves? How do they sleep at night?

Well, a 21-year-old ISIS terrorists named Hussein who said he raped 200-plus women and killed 500-plus people offered up an explanation to Reuters (via New York Post)…he has no trouble sleeping, apparently:

“Hussein sees himself as a victim of hardship, a product of a broken home and poverty in his hometown of Mosul, where Iraqi forces have launched an offensive against the Islamic State to dislodge them from their last stronghold in Iraq,” Allen B. West reported. “‘I had no money. No one to say, This is wrong, this is right. No jobs. I had friends but no one to give me advice,’ said Hussein, who has been held in the cell with a barred window since his capture in October.”

Sounds like a talking point of the left. And then:

Young men need this. This is normal.


Give ’em jobs – that’s all they need! Isn’t that what Democrats, and Obama himself, put forth as the real reason for these acts of terror – which really, they didn’t even want to call acts of terror?

Their acts of terror certainly had nothing to do with their religion, or the fact that Islam allows its adherents to rape and kill and pillage any people who don’t similarly believe in the faith.

To the left, terror is always a financial issue, not religious. In their minds, if the little terrorists had a nine-to-fiver to go to each day, they wouldn’t feel compelled to cut off people’s heads.

More tax dollars for ISIS – that’s what’s needed to stop the terror, according to lefty logic.

Or, we can just let Donald Trump do what he plans to do and annihilate these ISIS nutjobs for good. I don’t know about you but I like the latter plan.

Sources: Allen B. West, New York Post

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