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ISIS Pigs Drag Prisoners Out For A Public Execution, Then They Hear Something And Look Up…

The international forces working in Iraq have been working 24/7 combatting the Islamic State.

Many of the forces are from all corners of the world.

In particular, the Royal Air Force (RAF) has been running missions in northern Iraq where the Kurds and the Syrian Resistance Army have been wrestling with ISIS over major territories like Abu Kamal.

This city is key to ISIS forces because it is, for the time being, a major stronghold which is a gateway for supply lines for their forces.

The forces of good continue to battle the forces of evil, and though freak accidents sometimes deal the enemy a solid blow, we have to rely on our ability and technology to get the job done.

Recently, while flying Reaper Drones over the area, RAF pilots spotted a van in Abu Kamal which was unloading two shackled prisoners being prepared for a public execution.

Two sentries on the rooftop were also spotted via the Reaper. …and what happened next?

The Telegraph:

A RAF Reaper drone interrupted a public execution by the Islamic State group after opening fire on the militants and driving them off, the Ministry of Defence has said.

The remote-controlled aircraft disrupted the display in a Syrian town by killing a sentry with a Hellfire missile.

RAF sources said the missile strike caused panic among the crowd and the Isil fighters and the militants fled.

But It was not immediately clear if the prisoners due to be executed escaped or were taken away by their would-be executioners.


RAF Tornado and Typhoon jets and Reaper drones are all flying airstrike missions over Iraq and Syrian as part of Britain’s role in the international coalition against Isil.”

This is what’s known as remote-controlled justice! And it definitely gives these ISIS murderers something to think about the next time they attempt a public execution.

It’s a darn good thing Trump has given the U.S. military free reign to combat terrorists by any means necessary, because this war requires around-the clock vigilance and unorthodox tactics.

In addition to the U.S. and U.K., the Kurds and the Syrian Resistance Army have been pounding this area for months, hoping to dislodge the heavily embedded ISIS teams.

Yes, even the Syrians are trying to remove these barbarians, and that should tell you something.

Source:  The Telegraph

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