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After Radical Islamists Brutally Murder Her Christian Husband, She Gives The Killers 1 Simple Message

It’s easy to be infuriated by Radical Islamists who persecute non-believers, especially when they engage in torture and brutal forms of murder.

And there is nothing wrong with righteous anger at such atrocities.

To feel nothing in the face of these acts would be to point yourself in the direction of the persecutors themselves.

And there is nothing wrong with seeking justice, nor is there anything wrong with protecting yourself and your family from such barbarians and their heinous crimes.

But after all of that, what should a Christian do? The Bible teaches us to turn the other cheek, does it not?

In the face of her husband being brutally murdered by Muslims, his Christian widow gave an interview to the media in which she proved that in fact, she BELIEVES.

It’s a level of testimony that few of us will fortunately ever have to offer. One simply can’t imagine the level of pain she must’ve experienced, and yet, she stands up and lets God speak through her.

Via MAD World News

“Over a dozen Muslims… came to the three Christians pretending to want to learn about the Bible.

Once the Bible study began, they tied up the men and spent the next three hours slowly dissecting them part-by-part while they were still alive before finally stabbing them and slicing their throats.

Tilmann was stabbed 156 times, one of the other converts 99 times, and the other was stabbed so many times his body was unrecognizable. [Source: Walid Shoebat]”

It just doesn’t get any more diabolical or satanic than that.

It was nothing more than premeditated torture followed by murder using deception to gain access to their victims.

And yet, when the Turkish television news turned out to interview one of the widows, she offered a brief prayer, and then announced to the millions watching:

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

And the Gospel goes out to millions in spite of, or perhaps because of, the crimes that were committed.

As you can see, miracles really do happen every day…would you be able to be so forgiving if you were in her position?

Source: Mad World News

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