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Ivanka Trump Just Did More For Women In 1 DAY Than Michelle Obama Did In 8 YEARS

Here’s some background, in case you’re unfamiliar:

The World Bank is an organization run by a large consolidation of nations and interests who portray themselves as a nation-building group, dedicated to noble pursuits.

They’ve had issues with ties to the United Nations and shadowy dealings with Leftist groups, but for the most part, they do some good.

With close to 13K projects ongoing in 173 different countries, the World Bank boasts a distinctive array of beacon-worthy missions worldwide.

And despite what certain Liberal pigs do to Ivanka Trump on a daily basis (insults galore), she still takes it upon herself to make strides for her fellow females.

Now, after President Donald Trump’s productive trip to Saudi Arabia, Ivanka has scored a HUGE victory for all Women Entrepreneurs in the world.


Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will contribute $100 million towards the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund, which Ivanka proposed, the Wall Street Journal reported.

ABC News reported that World Bank president Jim Yong Kim announced the countries’ pledge at a Sunday event on women’s economic empowerment with Ivanka.

At the event, Ivanka praised Saudi Arabia for making ‘progress’ as a nation towards empowering women, but she added that ‘there’s still a lot of work to be done.’

‘Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging but there’s still a lot of work to be done and freedoms and opportunities to continue to fight for,’ she said.

‘The stories of Saudi women, such as yourselves, catalyzing change, inspire me to believe in the possibility of global women’s empowerment.’

The Islamic nation prohibits women from driving and requires that women get permission from a man to travel in public.

It also imposes strict segregation of the sexes and requires that women cover themselves in public.

With Angela Merkel on board, you can bet that there are other underlying reasons for a $1B fund set up for women globally.

The fact that Ivanka was the face of the negotiations to request the money from the Saudis and the UAE is not a surprise, although Merkel would appear to be in the good graces of the Muslim world considering her strong stance on accepting millions of refugees into her country…

Even if it costs her the election.

Ivanka however, is rolling along the ambassadorial world as if it were made for her.

Sources:  Breitbart, Wall Street Journal

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