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Ivanka Trump’s Kids Step Outside…Secret Service Agents STUNNED To See What They’re Carrying

It’s hard enough being a Conservative Christian in the land of Liberal politicos (Washington, D.C.)…I would imagine.

Now imagine you’re the daughter of Donald Trump!

Exactly. Not a welcoming prospect, to be sure.

From gay rioting thugs surrounding her house to endless liberal attacks, Ivanka Trump has already handled her fair share of adversity.

However, this doesn’t stop her and her family from treating those who protect their father with the greatest respect.

And when it comes to having good relationships with one’s neighbors, all it takes is a good old-fashioned American smile, cute kids, and some cookies!

So, Jared, 5-year-old daughter Arabella, and 3-year-old son Joseph prepared a special treat for their protectors, the Secret Service.

The Daily Mail:

“The Kushner family showed their appreciation to the Secret Service Friday morning, by bringing them some treats.

Jared Kushner and his two oldest children, five-year-old Arabella and three-year-old Joseph, brought out a tray of goodies to the agents on duty outside of the family’s Kalorama home on Friday.

Little Joseph smiled ear-to-ear as he carried the tin tray out of the house to one of his protectors.”

According to one account, it took Ivanka all of one diplomatic mission to the neighbor’s homes with children in tow and baked goods in hand in order to mend fences.

Not long after, some of the neighbors were whistling a different tune.  All it took was a small visit from the First Daughter and her beautiful children and the world seemed right again.

After the children had brought the treats out to the Secret Service agents, dad had to get to work at the White House.  When his car arrived to pick him up for work, Ivanka was there to take the children off his hands.

Ivanka has proven herself very capable in the face of adversity; she always reacts with stoic grace, doesn’t she?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have to complain about Secret Service agents taking up all the parking spaces in my neighborhood.

Then I think about all the gang violence and drugs on the streets of Washington, D.C., and how all that would magically go away.  The last place criminals would want to be would be on the same street as the Secret Service, right?

Then I think, “Well, then, who would be left to vote Democrat?”

Source:  The Daily Mail

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