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SHOCK REPORT: Jill Stein HUMILIATED…Someone Just Exposed Her Recount Scam! [WATCH]

It’s not often the left get their heads handed to them on plates via a massively public platform like the national press.

But Jill Stein just did. And it was something to behold…did you happen to catch it?

If you didn’t, pay attention. This was Chris Wallace at perhaps his finest and when you watch Stein squirm, you’ll start to applaud.

As Louder With Crowder described it, the interview between Wallace and Stein was like “Christmas came early,” and it was the Green Party candidate who was “roasting on an open fire.”

The topic, of course, was Stein’s recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, all states won by Donald Trump that liberals thought had been locks for Hillary Clinton.

And here’s one of Wallace’s best points: “Hey, Jill, if it’s concern for voters that’s driving your recount, how come you’re only targeting the states Clinton lost?”

Umm, Stein? Care to answer?

“Why not call for recounts in states that Hillary won? By much muuuuucch slimmer margins,” Louder With Crowder opined. “Why not New Hampshire? Virginia? Why is she exclusively concerned with just the three states that some ‘researchers’ told her to investigate?”

Good questions, Mr. Wallace. Again, calling on Stein. Any answer?

Truly, if Stein wants to know why Clinton lost with voters in areas she had been predicted to win, she need only look inward. As one Twitter user wrote, as reported by Louder With Crowder:

“Irony of Stein recount effort: HRC trails Trump by 10K votes in MI; Stein got 50K. HRC trails Trump by 22.5K votes in WI; Stein got 30K.”

In other words, there’s a case that can be made that Clinton lost in the states Stein wants recounted because of Stein herself.

But it’s all for show anyway.

“At the end of the day, Jill Stein isn’t changing any hearts or minds over this,” Louder With Crowder wrote. “The longer this charade of a ‘recount’ continues, the more ridiculous leftists are going to look in regard to the election. Which is hard to do.”

Source: Louder With Crowder

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