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BREAKING: Jill Stein's Recount Funds Just Went Up In FLAMES…Taxpayers Are Cheering!

Jill Stein, whom nobody heard of prior to the last few weeks – no, not even really on the campaign trail when she was running against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the presidency – is now pretty much a household name, due to her insistence at a recount of three states’ ballots.

But her name-recognition isn’t exactly a positive for her.

The recount campaign has been labeled everything from silly to a waste of time, to a complete and utter foolhardy fundraising tool.

It’s that last title that’s stuck – mostly because Stein has managed to raise more than $7 million for the recount, an amount that’s roughly double the money she was able to rake in during her entire Green Party presidential run.

But now, Stein’s been dealt a big blow.

Flaming Money In Hand

“American’s from both major political parties have been outraged over [Stein’s] attempts to laun ch recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” Conservative Tribune reported. “In Michigan especially, where taxpayers would have had to fork over millions for the recount, some lawmakers were trying to pass legislation that would ensure that something like this never happens again.”

So a bill went before the Michigan House Elections Committee just this week saying that any candidate who lost the election by more than five percent would have to pay the recount him- or herself. Good move – ’cause taxpayers footed $4 million of the recent recount forced into play by Stein, while she payed about $1 million.

But here’s the real downer for Stein. If the bill passes, it’s retroactive.

“[It would] take effect back to January 1, 2016,” Conservative Tribune reported. “That means that much of Stein’s $7 million war chest would essentially be confiscated by the state due to the recount efforts.”

Either way, Michigan’s a bad deal for Stein. A federal judge just this week ruled a no-go on the recounts, saying Stein has no standing to insist they be done.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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