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Pathetic: Jill Stein Suffers The Ultimate Humiliation…She’s Retreating In Shame!

You’ve all heard of the “Little Engine That Could“. It looks like Jill Stein is the “Little Engine That Sputtered, Stalled & Died“.

…that’s simultaneously funny and sad.

In all honesty, her presidential bid never actually left the ground and the only time she ever generated any positive attention from Republicans was when she was railing against Hillary.

In retrospect, it seems now to be all too clear that the whole purpose of going after Hillary was in fact a ruse to draw votes away from Donald Trump. Hillary and her “useful idiot” ended up in a very cozy relationship after the spectacularly dismal performance of both of the losing candidates.

A ridiculously transparent attempt then ensued where Stein (joined by Clinton) demanded recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all States that were won by Trump. The stated reason for the recount efforts were supposed reports of “machine insecurity and inconstant practices”.

Pretty vague, if you ask me. In the end, Stein lost huge and yet, she has continued her pathetic recount attempts despite defeat after defeat, like this-

…though after this, even she might admit FINAL defeat.

Via Independent Journal Review (IJR):

On Tuesday, Jill Stein called upon the Wisconsin Green Party faithful to join her on the steps of the Capitol building in Madison for a ‘Count My Vote’ rally.

Madison, Wisconsin? Isn’t that the same place where the University of Wisconsin-Madison had an African Studies professor presenting a class called, “The Problem of Whiteness”? Perhaps, the class should be renamed, “The Problem of Green-ness” because Ms. Stein apparently had a bit of a problem generating interest for her rally.


The official Facebook event page states that, of the 738 people invited to the event, only 69 showed interest:

And only 30 reported that they would attend.

IJR goes on to explain that the photos that were published after the fact revealed an even more disappointing event. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it appears in the photos as if only 4 people actually showed. If all the pesky reporters and cameramen would move, we might be able to count 6…maybe.


Independent Journal Review (IJR):

Not to be deterred by the lackluster turnout, Jill Stein forged ahead and railed against…”the large number of vote changes” in the recount process.

Wisconsin’s November recount saw a <1% change in the state’s election results, with Donald Trump even extending his win over Hillary Clinton by 131 votes.



Source: Independent Journal Review (IJR)

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