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John Glenn’s Family Thinks He’s Resting Peacefully…Then They Get A DISTURBING Phone Call

We must always cherish the dead.

And when it comes to dead icons, individuals who are legends of American history, it’s even more important to treat their remains with the utmost respect.

If there’s one man who earned that in his 95 years of life, it’s former astronaut, Senator, and modern American hero John Glenn.

Glenn passed away on December 8, 2016 and as expected, he was to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery alongside others who served their country so well.

The process is a long and arduous one, of course, but now it appears that before the burial, Glenn’s remains were “disrespected” in a way that’s wholly unacceptable, especially to his family.

This, according to IJR citing the Military Times:

An internal Pentagon memo obtained by the Military Times explains that Glenn’s family requested the Air Force hold onto Glenn’s body to ‘ensure an increased level of privacy and security for a renowned public servant, Marine Corps officer, and pioneer of space exploration.’

The allegations laid out in that memo show that Glenn was subjected to treatment far different from what his family may have expected.

Deborah Skillman, director of casualty and mortuary affairs for the Department of Defense, alleges that a senior mortuary employee twice ‘offered to allow the inspectors to view the deceased.

‘Moreover,’ Skillman wrote, ‘this offer to view the remains was also made in the presence of, and observed by, junior personnel on the Dover Mortuary Branch staff.’

Thankfully, the inspectors declined and were “horrified” by the offer to look at Glenn’s remains.

Skillman’s memo rips into this highly questionable behavior and now, an investigation has been opened into the behavior of the mortuary officials.

Glenn’s family is rightfully aghast at this news, as is the rest of America.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Military Times

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