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Wow – John McCain Drops His Dumbest Quote Yet, Then Insults Half The Country

I’ve figured it out! John McCain is Nancy Pelosi in drag! Or is it the other way around?

It seems awful suspicious these days that two of the most vocal politicians in the country appear to be making ridiculous fools out of themselves on an almost daily basis.

Pelosi’s lapses in judgment have become downright legendary and frankly, Democrats should be embarrassed that she’s still in office.

On the McCain side, I have to wonder if he was a good shot in the war. …because all he does these days is shoot himself in the foot, over and over and over. Perhaps age is creeping up on both of them.

Are Pelosi and McCain, in fact, the same person? If they’re not, we should be saddened by that news, because that just increases the number of crazies in our Congress.

Independent Journal Review:

“With Democrats and Republicans all set up for a collision course in the Senate over the confirmation vote for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, one Republican senator is making it known he’s none too thrilled about the possibility the GOP may invoke the so-called ‘nuclear option.’

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has let it be known that he’ll change the Senate rules to prevent Democrats from filibustering Gorsuch, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) spoke to reporters and didn’t mince words on his thoughts of the parliamentary adjustment.

‘After 200 years, at least a hundred years of this tradition where the Senate has functioned pretty well,’ McCain groused as heard in the MSNBC clip above. ‘They think it would be a good idea to blow it up.’

As one reporter tried to interject and say some people say the nuclear option is the only way, the Arizona lawmaker stopped him short to exclaim that ‘whoever says that is a stupid idiot.’

Okay, back up the tape!

After 200 years, he thinks the Senate has functioned pretty well???? WE ARE 22 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU DAFT FOOL!

John McCain is calling someone else a stupid idiot when he can’t seem to avoid sticking his large, Size 13, (polished and expensive) shoe into his own gaping mouth.

And he has confirmed ties to WHICH country again…?

I’m going to start referring to this man as McPain…as in “I’ve got a huge McPain in my you-know-what!”

Source: Independent Journal Review

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