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JUSTICE – Judge SHUTS DOWN Black Lives Matter, Police Officers CELEBRATE!

The First Amendment rights of the Constitution are, apparently, a little hazy to some people.

This ignorance is frequently on display, exclusively by the Left and its Progressive agenda (not to mention its blatant racism against White men) Democrats appear to believe that they are completely innocent.

Strangely, they continue to believe this even when they’re beating people, torturing people, threatening people, destroying public and private property, attacking police officers, and committing arson, all in the name of “social justice.”

Yes, freedom of speech for all. Yes, you should be allowed to say what you want, when you want.

But there are limits. When you’re launching legitimate death threats at the President of the United States, that’s wrong. When you go after officers of the law, you need to be punished.

RedState Watcher:

“A judge has granted a restraining order against a Black Lives Matter activist who took his racially charged rhetoric to the law office and home of Los Angeles Police Commission President Matt Johnson.

The intrusion of the activist, Trevor Ferguson, into the commissioner’s private life marked an escalation of a conflict that had previously been confined to public meetings.

Ferguson is part of a group that regularly disrupts the Police Commission’s weekly meetings by chanting and speaking out of turn to express outrage at Los Angeles Police Department shootings of black and Latino people.

Johnson, one of two African American police commissioners, is sometimes singled out by Ferguson and others, who call him a “houseboy” — a derogatory term for a black person who is subservient to whites — amid demands that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck resign and the entire department be disbanded.

The application for the restraining order, filed on Johnson’s behalf by the city of Los Angeles on Dec. 20, tested the boundary between free speech and harassment.


After hearing more than an hour of testimony Wednesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson concluded that Ferguson’s intent was not only to protest but to ‘incite fear.’ The restraining order requires Ferguson to stay away from Johnson and his family. Ferguson can continue to speak at Police Commission meetings but must keep a five-yard distance from Johnson.”

Following months of harassment, Ferguson continues to defy common decency and logic by circumventing the law through false claims of Freedom of Speech rights.

His lawyer, who has herself referred to Johnson as a “houseboy” in a press conference, is intent on forcing this issue into sideshow status by appeals and sidewalk performances that border on ambulance chasing.

In fact, no one should be at all surprised to see signs for “Better Call Saul”.

We’ve exposed the hypocrisy and over-the-top tactics of this so-called Black Lives Matter “movement” over and over again. And honestly, it’s getting tiresome…and worrisome.

It’s time to bring common sense and common decency back to the courts and to law enforcement.

Source: RedState Watcher

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