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BUSTED: Judge SHUTS DOWN Pipeline Protesters…Liberals Screaming Bloody Murder!

Some of these pipeline protesters are just too crazy for words.

But Washington and the law is cracking down; after President Donald Trump gave the green light to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, liberals predictably threw a colossal hissy fit.

Yeah, protests everywhere.

We just found it REALLY funny that the state turned around and nailed those same protesters with a wicked tax bombshell…that’s karma right there, liberals.

And yet, they just won’t stop, despite one overriding fact. Listen up, America:

Try to build a treehouse on your property anywhere in the United States where the structure is bigger than an 8’x 8′ box and the township, village, city or metropolis will have inspectors all over your property like the Untouchables on a speakeasy!

And in the case of the ongoing disputes over the Dakota Access Pipeline, a judge has just issued the all-clear for the company to begin the final stages for the completion of the pipeline.

The pipeline has been in suspended animation for many months now over objections by two Native American tribes in that area.

Western Journalism:

“The Standing Rock Sioux and the Cheyenne River Sioux argued Monday that the Missouri River and Lake Oahe are sacred and that the pipeline would ‘desecrate the Tribe’s sacred waters’ and pose ‘plain irreparable harm.’

The two tribes said in their filing that the Lakota people believe ‘the pipeline correlates with a terrible Black Snake prophesied to come into the Lakota homeland and cause destruction.

Although two Native American tribes opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline equated it with an apocalyptic vision of doom coming to their homeland, a federal judge Monday rejected their request to stop construction of the oil line.

U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg said the tribes could not prove ‘immediate harm’ because the pipeline is not yet active.

Does anyone actually believe that a very Liberal Environmental Protection Agency did not do everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) in its power to halt the progress of this oil venture?

With the government going after your measly paychecks for extra blood from a stone, does anyone for a moment think that the Federal and local governments weren’t crawling up this oil company’s butt looking for violations?


Of course they were.

Additionally, we must also note that the two Native tribes were given thirteen (yes, thirteen) briefings on the exact nature of this pipeline and its projected pathway BEFORE construction even began.

Not once during that month-long period did either one of these tribes raise an objection; hence, the judge’s ruling.

Trump moved fast in his first week and this was one of his first executive orders; thankfully, he has stuck to his vow to Make America Great Again, regardless of all the roadblocks liberals have tried to throw in his path.

There will be more from the Democrats regarding this and, rest assured, it will be laid squarely at the president’s feet, calling it a betrayal of the Native Americans by Donald Trump and the soulless Republican Party.


Source: Western Journalism

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