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KABOOM: Washington Drops The Hammer of Justice On Protesters…Liberals Are Speechless!

The left is so lovely, isn’t it?

Isn’t it the left that’s always crying about the need for the right to be more tolerant, to be more welcoming of all types of people – to embrace the diversity in the world?

Why yes, yes that’s them.

They have all sorts of excuses for people like this who do downright appalling things in society. With diversity and tolerance, you have to accept a few bad apples, right?

Whatever happens, you can’t react with violence and hostility; you have to think and be intellectual and solve the problem with your mind.

Okay, so let me ask you this: How come when it comes time to protesting over politics, it’s always the left that goes absolutely berserk?

Suddenly, their calls for tolerance go out the window; their all-court-press for embracing people of all walks of life gets tossed aside. They burn things, smash things, even storm government offices and other workplaces.

But they are not above the law. Witness:

A total of 214 people involved in protests on Inauguration Day in downtown Washington have been indicted on felony rioting charges. A grand jury in D.C. charged five individuals Tuesday with felony rioting in addition to the 209 other defendants indicted on felony rioting charges earlier in February, CNN reported.” Breitbart noted.

Hmm. The felonies don’t really match the rhetoric, now do they?

If you recall, these protests took place at the same time President Donald Trump was prepping to take the oath of office, and they were held just blocks from the White House where the sane, i.e. Trump supporters, congregated.

If you recall, too, these protesters, defending their actions as outrage against Trump, went out of their way to smash business windows and set cars afire.

Police were called; police were injured. So it’s quite proper the arrests resulted in actual indictments. Now, with any luck, maybe we can keep the streets clean for a little while.

Source: Breitbart

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