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Breaking: Kellyanne Conway Drops MEGATON Muslim Bombshell…Liberals Raging!

Know why Kellyanne Conway is the perfect sidekick for President Donald Trump?

She isn’t afraid to tell it EXACTLY like it is.

Conway, Trump’s senior adviser in the White House, speaks the truth and if you don’t like it…tough. Remember when she totally roasted the liberal media over that ludicrous Russia/Trump conspiracy theory?

Oh yes, that’s one of our favorite videos, too. We also loved the report about how Kellyanne actually went in fists-a-flying to defend her family and the Republican party against violent protesters.

Translation: This woman doesn’t take any sh** from anyone. Plain and simple.

Now, she has leaped to President Trump’s defense concerning the temporary ban on seven mostly-Muslim nations and once again, we’re on our feet cheering!

Fox News cited Conway:

These are countries that have a history of training, harboring, exporting terrorists. We can’t keep pretending and looking the other way.

She added that Trump has intelligence reports that certain critics and ranting leftists aren’t aware of, which means the aforementioned list of seven countries could change. She also once again criticized the left-leaning media for their unfair coverage of Trump’s administration.

And that’s something we always love to see.

Conway further wanted to know why news publications haven’t fired the pundits, columnists and pollsters who all but guaranteed a Hillary Clinton victory in last November’s presidential election.

“It’s a colossal failure that nobody wants to talk about.”

And then, when asked about her arguments with reporters, Kellyanne simply said:

I ripped them a new one.

How can you NOT love her?

Lastly, Conway defended Trump’s controversial plan to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall, which is something America desperately needs in our estimation, and in the eyes of many true Patriots everywhere.

But no matter what happens, we can count on Kellyanne Conway to lead the charge and never, ever back down! A worthy adviser for Donald Trump, that’s for damn sure.

Source: Fox News

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