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KABOOM: Kellyanne Conway Drops Revolutionary A-Bomb On America…Liberals HATE It!

Know what’s great about Trump’s senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway?

She comes straight ahead. Like new President Donald Trump, she doesn’t pull any punches, doesn’t hide behind vague statements and politically correct gestures, and never seems anything less than candid.

Remember when she predicted Trump’s Electoral College victory and The Washington Post mocked it?  Yeah, that’s a testament to her pull-no-punches, this is how it’s going to be honesty, and you know, she’s usually right.

In sort, Kellyanne has no problem making a statement. She knows how to turn heads and get people’s attention, but in the best possible way. So, how to get America’s attention on Trump’s Inauguration Day?


NBC spoke to her about the Gucci jacket she described as “Trump Revolutionary Wear,” and she even did a little dance. Yes, it’s time to dance, for Kellyanne and the rest of America. Obama is out and Trump is IN.

One thing is for certain: Kellyanne Conway will always be at Trump’s side, ready to defend and fire back if necessary. She’s done it before and she will do it again and again, so long as the Democrats keep acting like petulant children.

As for her Revolutionary statement today, we’ve got only one reaction to that: BRAVO!

On the morning of the Donald Trump’s inauguration, his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dressed in a Gucci jacket she described as “Trump Revolutionary Wear.” She did a little dance in her outfit before answering reporters’ questions.

Source: NBC

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