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It’s Over: Kellyanne Conway Drops GIGANTIC Truth Bomb…Trump/Russia Theory Is Officially Dead!

Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway entered the ring throwing punches and a few well-aimed haymakers on CBS’s “Face the Nation”.

When asked whether the Trump team had been in contact with Russian agents during the campaign prior to the election, Conway was emphatic.

From The Hill:

“Absolutely not. Those conversations never happened. I hear people saying it like it’s fact on television.”

Despite reports to the contrary that both a top Russian diplomat and a spokesperson for President Vladimir Putin said that “Russian experts had contact with some members of the president-elect’s staff during the presidential campaign”, Conway outright denied such stories.

“[That is] not only inaccurate and false, but it’s dangerous. And it does undermine our democracy.”

The former campaign manager was feisty in her interview and dropped more than a few zingers aimed at the media, Obama, and even Hillary.


“It [Obama blaming the Russians] does seem to be a political response at this point because it seems like the president is under pressure from Team Hillary, who can’t accept the election results.”

The conversation also revolved around the latest controversy with the Electoral College wherein some electors were asking to be briefed by intelligence officials regarding supposed Russian interference, for which Conway also had an opinion: “I think that actually undermines our democracy more than any other conversation that we’re having right now.”

The Hill reports that she took it one step farther:

Conway questioned where the evidence is that Russia intervened in the presidential election to help Trump win the White House. “If the CIA Director Brennan and others at the top are serious about turning over evidence…they should do that. They should not be leaking to the media. If there’s evidence, let’s see it.”

“…It’s very clear that President Obama could have ‘retaliated’ months ago if they were actually concerned about this and concerned about this affecting the election.”

The President-elect chose a very effective woman for the job in Conway. She has a way of disarming her opponents with an ingratiating smile that seems to be permanently affixed to her face while using her well-chosen words to verbally tear down Leftist-friendly media types. “Face the Nation” is not child’s play and Conway more than proved that she can step up to the plate and hit one out of the park.

Source: The Hill

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