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Kellyanne Conway Just Dropped a MASSIVE Truth Bomb On Hillary…Dems Humiliated! [WATCH]

Hillary Clinton simply won’t recede into the shadows.

At first, in the days immediately following her defeat at the hands of new President-elect Donald Trump, it appeared the loser was going to be at least partially gracious. She appeared calm, even serene.

But that didn’t last long. Frankly, this woman can’t stand to be out of the spotlight so now she’s back in it, attacking Trump on a variety of topics. And now she’s warning everyone about the danger of false news.

Unsurprisingly, she seems to be focusing on the conservative side when she makes these accusations.

But when Fox News mentioned Clinton’s comments to Trump’s primary advisor, Kellyanne Conway, the always-candid Conway didn’t shy away from the subject. In fact, she essentially decimated Hillary’s arguments with just a few perfectly phrased responses. This is WELL worth seeing.

After she addresses Trump’s cabinet picks thus far – calling them “refreshing” – she tackles the fake news subject:

How perfect is that? The most hilarious part of Conway’s response is when she points out the only piece of fake news she recalled from the previous presidential election was, of course, the ceaseless spreading of the Democrat message: Donald Trump can’t win.

Furthermore, she’s absolutely right to ask about Clinton’s message and platform. What was it? We really have no idea, do we? Conway is correct in saying that Clinton’s entire platform seemed to revolve around the simple “don’t vote for Trump” concept.

Yeah, well, things didn’t work out. And as for fake news, maybe there’s a reason Trump can’t stand the outrageously biased media…oh, there’s fake news all right.

But most of it is coming from the LEFT.

Source: Fox News

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