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LEAKED! Kellyanne Conway Exposes The DIRTY TRUTH – Comey’s Reputation DESTROYED!

Former FBI Director James Comey epitomizes the hypocrisy of the Left.

When he was director and investigating the Queen of Mean, he was absolutely despised; one of the worst directors of the FBI – ever!

Then when he announced he wouldn’t be recommending charges to the Attorney General for Hillary, he was a total hero.

Then he reopened the investigation right before the election and the Democrats turned on a dime and hated him again.

Then the final switchback: President Trump had to fire Comey and then liberals flipped out. Back and forth, back forth.

It was unfair! Comey was a God! Everyone in Washington loved him! Trump is the villain!

Ah, but senior staffer Kellyanne Conway begs to differ.

Conservative Tribune:

“…President Donald Trump’s pugnacious adviser went after former FBI Director James Comey during a Monday morning interview on NBC, where she said that ‘most of Washington… detested this man’ before he was fired.

Conway’s remarks dealt with Comey’s scheduled testimony before Congress this Thursday.

‘I would point out two things: most of Washington, of course many of the Democrats, detested this man until Donald Trump fired him, which Jim Comey said in his own goodbye letter was the right of the president to do.

Secondly, Jim Comey, the last time he testified under oath, the FBI had to scurry and correct his testimony almost immediately because what he said was false.

He was off by hundreds of thousands in terms of the emails between Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, and there were only two classified in there, apparently, and he was off by many, many in terms of the classification.'”

Rod Rosenstein clearly attested to the fact that morale in the agency was down and Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation was far out of his jurisdiction.

If Comey lies, he commits perjury.  If he tells the truth, Liberals’ heads will explode.

I prefer the latter.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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