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Hilarious: Kellyanne Conway Totally Humiliates Washington Post…INSANE Bias Exposed!

This is just TOO good.

Throughout 2016, the mainstream press had the same message for America, over and over: Hillary Clinton is going to win the U.S. presidency and Donald Trump has no chance. In fact, if you think Trump has a chance, you’re just a naive twit.

Well, the results of that election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt just who the real twits were. And looking back, we find evidence of the outrageous bias of the uber-liberal media and worse, of their stunning lack of insight into the American public.

Before the election commenced, the Washington Post ran a story basically bashing Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway for her electoral voting prediction. The title alone says a lot: “There is no possible way Donald Trump’s team believes this is their path to 270.” Yup, cocky, elitist, insulting.

Anyway, the map Conway suggested (and the one WaPo openly mocked) was as follows:

Boy, that looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it? Seems she was totally spot-on.

But WaPo didn’t see it that way. In fact, they went so far as to say this, and offered their own map:

“The only problem is that the foundation of Conway’s argument — that map — is so bafflingly distant from reality that it’s hard to think this isn’t somehow an inside joke. A more accurate version of that map would look like the one below, with any state that’s got a margin of between 2 and 5 points in the RealClearPolitics polling average colored lightly for one candidate or the other. Gray states are toss-ups.”

Yup, that’s what Democrats really thought. The best part is those bolded words up there because it’s the epitome of the smug elitist attitude that absolutely had to die. Conservatives everywhere were sick of being treated as morons, bigots, racists, idiots and worse, second-class citizens.

Liberals have been getting their asses handed to them ever since Trump won, and no amount of celebrity whining (as if anyone cares what those people think, as they’re farther removed from reality than anyone on earth) can change the facts.

Kellyanne was right. Trump was right. The liberal media was wrong, and continue to be wrong. And it’s just getting pathetic.

Source: Washington Post

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