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Humiliation: Kellyanne Drops EXPLOSIVE Truth Bomb On Democrats…Liberals In Meltdown Mode!

Kellyanne Conway, the first woman in history to direct a candidate’s campaign right to the White House seat, is hardly a wallflower or someone to sit quietly in the corner.

She says what needs to be said; she supported President Donald Trump’s immigration ban with some brutally truthful words, and that was only one of the more recent examples of Conway’s fortitude.

This woman isn’t afraid of anyone or anything and best of all, she’s going to tell the world EXACTLY how things are.

Where was she during the Trump/Russia fiasco? On the front lines, telling everyone willing to listen just how utterly absurd that conspiracy theory was.  Awesome stuff from the president’s right-hand lady.

So it’s not really surprising the special counselor to the president would take to national airwaves to speak her mind about what’s going on in Congress with Democrats.

Specifically, she spoke about the opposition Democrats are flashing at President Donald Trump’s agenda and appointments, to include the individuals named for executive slots and the Supreme Court.

And her words, while resounding with truth, weren’t exactly complimentary.

“This obstinance and obstruction is the modern Democratic Party,” she said, Independent Journal Review reported. “I think it’s going to cost them because they’re hysterical about everything now. There’s no gradation of hysteria, everything makes them cry and scream.”


What about Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury secretary nominee who was subjected to a recent vote in the Senate – but one that went forth without a single Democrat taking part?

Seriously, if Democrats have a problem with Munchin, why wouldn’t they at least participate in the hearing process and try and vet him for the American people? These Democrats are behaving beyond irrationally.

They actually think they can stymy Trump to the point where he goes away, or becomes entirely ineffective.

Democrats are so angry their candidate, Hillary Clinton, didn’t win the White House, they are willing to toss away four years of governance in order to make sure Trump’s entire tenure is fraught with chaos and political fighting.

They don’t even care about the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary’s email scandal, which tells us a lot about their values.

A smart Democrat might want to remember this, though: Legislative elections are right around the corner and the American people generally don’t like a Congress that can’t get along.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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