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LGBT Lovers Show Up At A Muslim Rally – But They Forgot Islam Hates Gays

The Left’s contradictory belief system never ceases to amaze.

They’re always talking about how they support one cause, then turn around and support another that’s diametrically opposed to the other one.

The best example of this is their support for LBGT issues AND Islam. The two, on a fundamental level, simply cannot coexist, but that hasn’t stopped deluded leftists from trying to mix them together.

The latest proof of this fact, which they’ll conveniently ignore, came earlier this month when an Islamic event kicked out a supposedly pro-LBGT Muslim group.

As reported at Mad World News, a pro-LGBT and feminist Muslim organization says it was expelled from tabling at the annual Islamic Society of North America convention earlier this month, where one of the Left’s rising starts, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim that claims to support LBGT issues herself, was set to be a keynote speaker.

We’re really sick and tired of the hypocrisy of them (ISNA) claiming to be LGBT allies,” said Ani Zonneveld, founder and president of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV).

They’re only an ally when the camera is on.”

Wow, Ani, what observational talent you have to notice such a thing.

ISNA is the largest Muslim organization in North America and acts as an umbrella organization for numerous other Islamic groups and affiliated mosques.

The ISNA was founded in 1981 by the Muslim Student Association. The founding members are renowned for their connections to various Islamic radical groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-i Islami.

In 2015, then President Barack Obama recorded a special message for the conference, which draws tens of thousands of attendees.

This year, even though the LBGT Muslim group was kicked out, Sarsour still delivered the keynote.

That’s because the woman is a radical at heart, having already said things like Muslims shouldn’t assimilate in the US and that Muslims should wage “jihad” against Trump.

MPV tabled a booth at the conference, where they passed out pamphlets advocating LGBT and women’s equality within Islam. Predictably, many Muslims were upset about this, so much so, that they had their booth shutdown.

According to Frank Parmir, an organizer with MPV who staffed the booth, said a man in “Salafi garb” lectured them on homosexuality and sin.


To be a ‘real Muslim,’ one must assert that homosexuality is a sin,” Parmir recalled the man saying.

Who on earth will leftists defend in this scenario? Gays and Muslims are their favorite pets, so it’ll be interesting to see how they go about justifying their continued support for both.

What they’ll likely do is just ignore what happened, which is par for the course when incidents like this crop up. Just act like it never happened, like it’s not glaringly apparent Muslims are the most anti-LBGT group in the US and world.

Just distract folks from this issue by accusing Christians of being gay-haters or something, that’ll do the trick.

Source: Mad World News

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