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Nasty Liberal Insults The Bible, But This Christian Man Has The PERFECT Response

The uber-Liberal comedy troupe, The Frantics, can be faulted for their stilted political bent.

However, it can’t be denied that these guys are funny.

It’s hilarious when these anti-racist “Progressives” make outlandishly racist statements…and don’t even get that it’s racism. THAT never gets old.

Here’s another example from the skit entitled, “Boot to the Head”. In the comedy piece, a martial arts instructor for Ti Kwan Leep is teaching a class on the finer points of this defensive technique.

One of the students, Ed Gruberman, interrupts the teacher to ask when he can start to “beat people up!”

Teacher: The only use of Ti Kwan Leep is self-defense. Do you know who said that? Ki Lo Ni, the great teacher.

Ed Gruberman: Yeah? Well the best defense is a good offense, you know who said that? Mel, the cook on “Alice”.

Sometimes, truth can be found in comedy. Other times, it can be found on Twitter. Like when Bill Clinton’s rape victim totally roasted Hillary and her new book.

Recently, Matt Walsh, an outspoken Christian blogger, was debating on Twitter regarding the United Airlines scuffle that made national headlines when a tolerant Liberal know-it-all decided to make it personal.

Conservative Tribune:

“This came out of a long thread of debate, so I thought we’d start with this tweet from Walsh:

That, inexplicably, got this hateful non-sequitur about the Bible from a liberal twitterer:

Nice. When debating United Airlines, why not attack someone on their religion? I mean, that’s clearly relevant.

It’s not like your side preaches tolerance or anything… oh, wait. That’s right. I guess practicing what you preach is only for those that read the Bible. Then Walsh dropped the perfect response Tweet:

A wonderful response for a not-so-wonderful Liberal idiot. It is amazing that these people still regard themselves as morally and intellectually superior.

You know, maybe one of the reasons the Democratic Party is in such critical condition is that Americans can no longer stand the righteous elitism. This, “I’m right and you’re a moron” mantra is beyond insulting.

And it has to stop.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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