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Liberal Cities Collapsing All Over America, And Democrats Say YOU Have To Foot The Bill

There is no better example of Liberalism than one simple word: Miserable.

People the world over are coming to grips on a daily basis with the faithless, morally depraved, racist, and completely doltish Progressive Party of the Jackass.

There is not a one among them who can explain what it is about Liberalism that is so humane and so superior to everything else.

They’re not only against free speech (the one thing they claim to support) but they’ve also managed to brainwash various millions. That’s why everyone was “shocked” when Donald Trump won.

And in the wake of this comes a horrifically biased media, the members of which actually believe it’s their duty not to inform, but to actually control how the American public thinks. Yes, seriously.

One thing liberals are excellent at doing, however, is dipping their grubby little hands into your pockets in order to pay for their stupidity and excesses.

Allen B. West:

[M]any under liberal control are in trouble: California, New York, Illinois, all face mounting debt crises.

In 2011, the Illinois state legislature — dominated by Democrats — voted to double both personal and corporate income tax rates. Predictably, employers ran, thus shriveling an already inadequate tax base even more, while swelling unemployment benefits and welfare rolls. Death spiral.

Earlier this month, according to Chicago Business, Illinois state Comptroller, Leslie Munger, told Illinois lawmakers: ‘…the state increasingly is doing what a cash-strapped family would do: letting the bills pile up. We can’t go bankrupt and we can’t print money,’ she declared. ‘Taxpayers are going to have to pay this bill.

From nations to states to cities.

America saw several high-profile municipal bankruptcies over the past decade. Stockton, CA, San Bernardino, CA, Detroit, MI, all made headlines for being so poorly managed and debt-laden they needed a judge to dismiss them from financial obligations. Now two more U.S. cities appear locked into one-way tickets to bankruptcy court. Richmond, CA and Scranton, PA.

Citizens and government of Scranton, PA have all but succumb to the truth that bankruptcy is the only thing left to save their city. Richmond, CA has cut jobs, street repairs, closed libraries, is trying everything to save a buck.”

When the chickens come home to roost, they most certainly will not be roosting on the roofs of Conservative homes.

Trump says he’s preparing some colossal tax cuts for hard-working Americans, and we’re going to need them. But liberals have done such a great job destroying American cities that recovery will take time…

Thanks much, Democrats. Your socialist agenda just about brought a country to its knees.

Source: Allen B. West

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