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SEE IT: Liberal Nutjob Flips Out On Cops – Her Insane Meltdown Just Broke The Internet

The people are guaranteed the right to peacefully assemble and to protest.

That’s not only guaranteed by the First Amendment; it’s also an American tradition.

That freedom also extends to the content of their speech provided they don’t promote illegal activities including violence.

In other words, you have the right to make a fool of yourself in public by saying stupid things all you want, provided you don’t advocate breaking the law.

Much of the protests against President Trump would fall into the latter category.

On his return to the Trump Tower, a group of protesters gathered outside to protest what they saw as unsatisfactory comments made by the president regarding the Charlottesville tragedy.

This is their right.

But it got bizarre and nasty when these protesters turned their anger on the police who are present, not to stop the protests, but simply to ensure that the demonstrations did not turn violent.

The police were just doing their job and not censoring what the protestors had to say but no matter. That was equally offensive, somehow.

One liberal wackjob became unhinged and went absolutely berserk as she vented her anger on the police, and it was all captured on camera.

Via IJR:

“A large crowd of protesters descended on Trump Tower in Manhattan Monday evening as they awaited President Donald Trump’s arrival, and one of the demonstrators appeared to be angry at police for simply existing.

“As the crowd of protesters increased, dozens of officers with the New York Police Department patrolled the cordoned-off Fifth Avenue, Fox News reported.

“Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators gathered in the wake of Trump’s Charlottesville remarks to shout ‘shame, shame, shame’ and ‘not my president,’ according to The Washington Post.”

So far, so good. While we don’t agree with their position, these protesters were properly exercising their right to freedom of speech and to assemble.

Then one woman went over the edge.

“Very emotional, the woman started screaming profanities at the police officers, telling them to ‘have a f***ing back bone.’

“‘You roll your eyes because you’re f***ing weak,’ the angry woman shouted, fighting back tears. ‘Because you know you’re wrong! Because you think you’re a man and you can roll your eyes at a f***ing young woman!'”

It’s not clear what this woman wanted, or even if she knew what she wanted. Perhaps for the police to go away, derelict in their duties to maintain order and protect the president…?

But here’s the good news:

“For their part, the NYPD officers just kept walking, directing the crowd of disgruntled people away from Trump’s New York City residence.

“Observers on social media were perplexed by the woman’s bizarre rant against the police.”

No kidding.  Her conduct was pure emotion divorced from any thought or reason. She’s furious with the president, and is simply extending her anger to anyone connected to him.

No doubt a waiter at a restaurant who served President Trump would be a fair target for this woman’s vitriol. Scarier than that, we’re seeing this sort of nonsensical hostility from the Left almost every day…

And these are the self-righteous people who claim to know how a country should be run?

Sources: Fox NewsIndependent Journal Review

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