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PIGS! Liberal Sickos Have A ‘Gift’ For Melania Trump On Her Birthday…And Trump Is LIVID!

I don’t really know First Lady Melania Trump, but she seems like an awfully nice person.

But even if I didn’t like her (for whatever reason), I certainly would respect her as the First Lady and not spew hatred and filth all over social media.

I especially wouldn’t do it on her birthday.

But evidently, liberals have no morals or ethics or sense of decency. They only care about themselves and insulting – and even outright assaulting – anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

The “peaceful protests” of the ’60s are a thing of the past. Hostility and violence reign among the Leftists, plain and simple.

And unfortunately, Mrs. Trump has taken a ton of punishment from these self-righteous pigs and no, she didn’t even get a break on her birthday. Instead, things got even worse.

First, her husband, President Donald Trump, posted a simple Happy Birthday Tweet:

The GOP also posted up a nice one:

Anything even remotely offensive here? Any reason for ANYONE to find fault?

Of course not. But liberals don’t need a reason to act like petulant, bratty adolescents. The Twitter firestorm that ensued is beyond embarrassing; check it out:

These people just have no idea when to shut up. Worse, they don’t know when they’re sounding like complete anti-American, hate-filled, a**holes.

Don’t want to wish the woman a Happy Birthday? Fine, don’t. Stay quiet.

Save your sick, unfounded accusations for another day, at least. We all know you have zero tact and not even the slightest semblance of social grace and ironically, you’re belittling a woman who seems to have both in spades.

…yep, where there’s a dirty liberal, there’s always hypocrisy.

Source: Western Journalism

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