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WATCH – Liberal TV Host Says Something So VILE About Christians, The Internet EXPLODES

I’m not sure why Joy Behar has a phenomenon. I’m trying very hard to understand how that happened.

I mean, one minute, she’s a nobody and the next…well, she’s still a nobody…but she’s a nobody who voices her idiotic opinions on TV for women who debase themselves by watching mindless crap.

Even when Barbara Walters was on the “The View,” it didn’t stop Behar from being a complete and total ass.

Like working with an unstable person, you’re never quite sure what surprises are going to happen next. Which is precisely why some actors refuse to work with them.

Behar is a dangerous unstable person, though, because she reaches millions with her nasty tripe.

Conservative Tribune:

“The Taliban is a terrorist group responsible for the Afghan civil war, which has claimed over 104,000 lives just since 2001.

They’re responsible for sex trafficking, oppression of women, numerous massacres, political and religious oppression, suicide bombings, acid attacks, torture, and sundry other forms of inhuman debasement and cruelty.”

But if you’re a Christian…

“…Joy Behar of ‘The View’ wants you to know that you’re every bit as bad as the aforementioned terrorist group. Seriously.

In a jaw-droppingly bigoted statement, Behar wondered aloud how opposition to mandatory birth control coverage for religious organizations ‘different from the Taliban.’

They don’t mind their business,’ Behar said. ‘It’s religion … How is it different from the Taliban? I’d like to know.’

And I wasn’t aware that the Constitution gave one the right to not only healthcare, but apparently Trojans as well.

I’ll have to reread it before I just assume that Whoopi Goldberg is correct, because I know how much the View panel “researches” things… ‘cough’

Maybe we should add Goldberg and Behar to the list of celebrities America needs to boycott. Immediately.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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