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Exposed: Liberal Media Caught Dumping FILTHY Lies On America…Trump Loves It!

What do Fortune Magazine, The Verge, BET,, Mashable, Death & Taxes, and BuzzFeed all have in common?

Normally, nothing. But with a Republican in the White House, these ultra-Liberal vomitoriums have really shifted the “spin” into high gear.

We’ve seen blatant liberal agendas everywhere; from CNN’s ridiculous spreading of fake news to the flat-out disgusting rigging of polls, courtesy of the Democrats. The evidence just keeps piling up.

There is one big problem, though… How do you defame a President who hits back?

Not only does Trump hit back, but he has the American public supporting him all the way. So, how does a loyal and Progressive “useful idiot” of the media combat that kind of Goliath?

Easy. They lie.

The Political Insider:

“Are our First Amendment rights under threat thanks to Donald Trump? Listen to the liberal media‘s narrative and you’ll be led to believe that the answer is yes: if only you dare to defy him. More specifically, we’re supposed to believe that Trump issued a gag order to prevent the EPA from opposing Trump on climate change and other environmental issues, among other agencies.”

All of the press organizations listed above actually printed and re-printed the identical fabrication of a “gag order” that simply never occurred.

As it turned out, this fictitious “gag order” was literally business as usual during an administration changeover from one White House occupant to the next.

As explained in a New York Times story, this procedure of allowing all new changes within these departments to be reviewed first by the incoming administration has nothing to do with dictatorial power, but with common decency and protocol within government structure.

It’s expected and is considered good manners!


“Another agency Trump supposedly issued a gag order to was the Department of Agriculture. Buzzfeed reported that it effectively put the agency on “lockdown” – but those working for the department are stating that it’s a complete misunderstanding.

Starting immediately and until further notice” the Agricultural Research Service “will not release any public-facing documents,” reads the memo obtained by Buzzfeed. The memo was rescinded Tuesday after a media firestorm.

But Trump never ordered the ‘lockdown.’ In fact, the memo to USDA researches was sent by Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack, President Obama’s appointee.

‘This memo is not some sort of creative writing exercise,’ Michael Young, acting deputy secretary of the Agriculture Department, told NYT. ‘This is almost exactly what was issued eight years ago. I just updated it a bit.'”

Not that we’re counting, but since Trump took office 5 days ago, this is Mainstream Media Lie #8652!

Okay, so I totally made that up, but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that was the number. And that, in a nutshell, is sad commentary about the state of affairs of our free and fair press.

The scandals just keep breaking and none of them paint liberals in a kind light…

Lastly, you’ll notice that the “fake news” slogan has been completely abandoned by the MSM for reasons that its opponents (American citizens) were using it to describe a corrupt press corps.  Now that they have received their DNC marching orders to not use the “fake news” talking points, they have replaced it with “alternative facts”.

I’m thinking that, perhaps, “alternative facts” were definitely used in these stories about a phantom “gag order”…

Alternative Facts = Fake News = MSM

Source: The Political Insider

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