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Well, They Did It – Liberal Morons Just Turned The MOAB Into A Feminist Issue

Liberals can find a way to turn anything into a political correctness debate.


If you’re clueless enough to elect a Muslim mayor for no other reason than he’s Muslim, without even bothering to check his history, that’s just stupidity.

And when you proclaim outdoor activities to be racist, misogynistic and an example of white privilege, you’ve gone so far off the deep end, there’s no saving you. There’s just no hope.

But when you find a way to turn a missile launch into a PC issue, you have way, way too much time on your hands.

After the U.S. dropped “The Mother Of All Bombs” on Afghanistan last week (an attack that apparently killed 36 ISIS fighters), liberals everywhere screamed their disagreement. That was to be expected.

But some actually had a problem with the bomb’s name. That’s right; we’re not talking about the attack itself, but the name, “Mother of All Bombs.”

Via The Blaze:

Liberals were quick to hash out their thoughts on social media, but one criticism of the day’s incident was particularly puzzling.

Others even singled out BBC News and asked them to stop using the term on their broadcast because it was offensive:

Of course, liberals don’t deal in facts and real history, so they probably didn’t know “the mother of all” statement has been in use for a great many years. And never once was it intended to be sexist.

Actually, nobody ever had a problem with it until these nutjobs snowflakes came along.

Just pathetic.

Source: The Blaze

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