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INSANE: Liberal Professor Has Terrifying Meltdown…What Comes Out Of Her Mouth Is SICK!

Once again, the left is showing its crazy.

SCARY crazy.

We just watched as University of California at Berkeley students set their campus on fire in protest of a Breitbart News speaker, and President Trump has already responded with a huge threat to slash the institution’s funding.

And now?

Now there’s another university-tied protest that resulted in mayhem and chaos and once again, it all started because the left didn’t like the scheduled speaker. But this is somehow even more disgusting because it involves a so-called professor.

Maybe she should be fired at the same time as the Mayor of Berkeley, who honestly shouldn’t just be fired; he should also be ARRESTED.

Anyway, brace yourself:

If you couldn’t finish watching that, we don’t blame you. That woman is out of her freakin’ mind.

A brief summary, via The Daily Caller:

Vice News co-founder and frequent Fox News guest Gavin McInnes was speaking at an event at New York University when violent left-wing protesters attacked him and the crowd with pepper spray.

Come on, now. Do today’s students have any concept at all about the First Amendment, and what it really means?

But wait. It gets worse.

“The ensuing melee was broken up by police. But outside the event, a woman who identified herself as an NYU professor could not contain her anger over the police protecting some she accused of ‘hate’ from physical violence and went on a tirade against the cops.”

The professor, who wasn’t identified, evidently was so angry she dropped the f-bomb while screaming at police, The Daily Caller noted, You’re protecting the Nazis!

Okay, clearly this person is unbalanced.

This woman, who claims to be a professor, has no business teaching today’s youth. Did I mention she told the police they ought to kick McInnes’ butt? Well, she did.

That’s the quality of the so-called educated elitist left – showcasing their tolerance by calling for violence against those with different viewpoints.

You know, it’s really getting scary out there. It’s almost starting to become the norm, the accepted in fact, for conservatives to be threatened, intimidated, attacked, cowed into submission and outright berated and sent packing from speaking engagements that are inclusive of Democrats and the far left.

This is hardly tolerance; it’s simply deranged.

Source: The Daily Caller

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