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TREASON: Liberal Professors Reveal Anti-Trump Plot…The Brainwashing Is REAL!

Let’s face it:

America’s places of higher learning – the college campuses – haven’t really been places of higher learning for some time.

Professors, ideologically on the left far more times than on the right, have been using the country’s universities and colleges as breeding grounds for the next generation of progressive-socialist activists. And they’ve not exactly been shy about hiding their true intents…in fact, one could argue they’re being downright Nazi-esque.

Really, attending college is more like attending propaganda camp, at least in some cases.

And here’s one of those cases, courtesy of Breitbart:

“Some 25 colleges and universities – many of them public – have answered a call by professors at UCLA to use their regular class time to ‘teach, organize, and resist’ what they view as the discriminatory political agenda of President-elect Donald Trump.”

The @J18, as its been dubbed, is set for January 18, smack in between Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday and Trump’s inauguration. And “DisruptJ20” is set to cause major problems come Friday, which certain college “professors” will not only tolerate, but actually PROMOTE.

Let it be known that on #J18 and beyond, universities, colleges, and high schools refused to bear silent witness to the politics of hate and fear; that in these times, these places of teaching and learning not only served as a sanctuary for its students and workers but also stood up to proclaim the power of knowledge on the frontlines of social justice.”

So on January 18, the protesters – oops, professors – instead “intend to teach about the agendas and policies of the new administration,” Breitbart went on.

In other words, these leftist professors are going to put their particular slant and socialist viewpoints on what Trump’s policies might be in the upcoming administration. And they’re going to make it clear that the duty of each and every graduating, or about-to-graduate, college-age student is to resist said policies.


For the simple reason that the policies aren’t “progressive.” As bad as this event sounds to the patriotic ear, the larger view is even worse:

This, America, is what we have to look forward to in the coming generations. Leftist mouthpieces filling our political halls; propaganda-trained socialist demanding and whining for social justice for all.

Unless conservatives act quickly, and perhaps find some new colleges to educate the upcoming youth, the country will soon be headed down a path from which it will be very, very difficult to return.

Source: Breitbart, TeachOrganizeResist

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