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WATCH: Liberal Snowflake Has Terrifying Meltdown, Screams ‘Fu** White People!’…This Is SICK!

There’s an old saying: You can’t spell “miserable” without Liberalism.

Okay, so maybe it’s not an old saying, but it’s definitely true.

If you thought that horrifically racist Black Lives Matter explosion was bad, just wait…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Let’s preface this by saying:

Many people in this world are unsatisfied with their lives; either their jobs are not what they anticipated, their significant other doesn’t understand them, they don’t like the current political situation, they are unhappy with the world’s climate, or people…

However, many of these people are still able to make it through the day without some major malfunction. They understand that “there’s always tomorrow” and if you smile a little, your situation tends to get a little brighter.

Liberals are devoid of such niceties.

They exist to find the negative in nearly every situation. Their outlook is depressing, their expression is one of anger, boredom, or indifference. There is, in their minds, a victim around every corner. There is always an excuse for a protest or a grievance.

They’ll even support outrageously violent uprisings because at their core, they’re nothing but angry, hostile individuals.

And, like most good Liberals, there is ALWAYS room for a loud F-Bomb!

Right Wing News:

“This college student in New York is an example of why no one takes liberals serious. Judge Jeanine films a little Street Justice and encounters the most embarrassing college student of the weekend. The end of the video brings you back to enjoying life. Watch the whole video before you comment.

It begins with a peaceful, tolerant and somewhat okay conversation filled with average discourse. Then it erupts like a volcano and the brown haired girl in the camel skin colored coat blows up like a crazed person.

She goes OFF.”

And so, once again, we can see that the tolerant hippie-chick, loving, flower child of the parents of the Sixties who believes in the equality of all, who doesn’t see color, but the content of one’s character, who wishes to extend a friendly hand to all those in need, is able to reach out and…SMACK someone!

Who’s willing to bet the “peaceful protest” planned for President’s Day will be anything but…?

Sadly, this is a recurring pattern. The Right show might (through facts and restraint) and the Left is bereft (of facts and restraint).

Show me a calm and refined Liberal and I’ll show you a heavily medicated individual.

Peace Out, Yo!

Source: Right Wing News

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