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WATCH: After Liberal Students Freak Out For The Most Idiotic Reason, This Army Ranger SMACKS ‘EM

A Duquesne University student just found WHAT in his chicken sandwich?

Oh, horrors.

Safe spaces on college campuses were designed by Leftists, approved by Communists, patrolled by Fascists, and maintained by Socialists.

These safe spaces are meant to seal a fragile student inside a secure bubble of protection against the ravages of everyday life.

When these safe spaces are threatened to be overrun by those horrible and violent Christians, students feel compelled to act. Kind of like when these shockingly racist, unbelievably entitled individuals make absurd demands.

The lists of demands – which almost always include “safe spaces” – hit new levels of insanity when Muslim students are involved, too.

And here’s another safe space battle…but this one didn’t go the way the snowflakes wanted, ‘cuz a former Army Ranger totally dropped the hammer.

Yes I’m Right:

“In case you missed it, the media has become aware that some Duquesne University students are making good use of their American freedom by protesting the installation of a Chick-fil-a at this Pittsburgh-based Catholic University.

Duquesne alum and Retired Army Ranger Sean Parnell has a few things to say about the subject:

Students at this university are under the impression that a Chick-fil-a restaurant present on the campus would violate their feeling of safety and security.

These students fear that it would unduly pose a threat  by intimidating them into converting to Christianity (or some such tripe), despite the fact that the only “conversion” risk in schools today appears to be going toward Islam

Putting aside the fact that the university is a CATHOLIC-based college, the students’ LGBTQ military force is fanning out to insure that Chick-fil-a remains religiously neutral.

In an effort to keep the rabid Christians at bay, maybe the students can create a Muslim police force that routinely patrols the campus in search of miscreant Bible Thumpers!

However they do it, they must act fast…

Before the Right-wing media gets a hold of this story and shows off Liberal lunacy on Duquesne’s campus.

Sources:  Yes I’m Right, The Blaze

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