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Filthy Liberal Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than MS-13, Then Tucker Lights Him Up

Tucker Carlson has emerged on Fox News as an aggressive, highly talented, and effective interviewer.

Watching him is a mix of being informed on vital issues with a sense of entertainment as he dismantles liberals and their arguments. He’s relentless, and it’s no wonder his ratings have been quite good.

He’s just THAT effective at his job.

MS-13 is the name of a violent, malicious, and very dangerous collection of gangs. It’s a cartel with an international presence that, unfortunately, is active in the United States.

Anyone who finds an excuse to support such a group is an enemy of justice. Tragically, that does not stop profoundly misguided people from doing so. In truth, MS-13 is a scourge anywhere it manifests its presence.

President Trump delivered an address last Friday in New York condemning this violent group, and rightfully so.

Then Carlson interviewed Daniel Altschule who is an immigration rights activist who proposed that Trump’s real purpose was not to condemn MS-13, but to use that group as an excuse for condemning immigrants.

Carlson didn’t put up with such nonsense.

“During the interview, Altschuler suggested that Trump isn’t just going after MS-13, but all illegal immigrants.

‘What is happening right now is that the president would like to paint immigrants as criminals.

The problem is that what the data suggests is that immigrants are much less likely to commit crimes than native born Americans,’ Altschuler said.

“Carlson fired back, ‘I know you want to give your speech but I’m asking you about MS-13.

You don’t like the administration’s position on illegal immigration, I get it, and that’s fine. But MS-13 preys on people. There’s a reality at the bottom of this. Hold on. There’s a reality.’

‘And I would think that you as someone who claims to care about immigrants would at least acknowledge the reality, which is, that MS-13 preys upon immigrants.

They’re not going after me or you, they’re almost entirely going after Salvadorian immigrants, a lot of them illegal, and extorting money from them and in some cases killing them.'”

Backed into a corner by this line of reasoning, Altschule simply was unable to respond with a coherent argument.


The reason for this, of course, is that for Altschule, the main objective is to attack the positions of President Trump, with gang violence and the suffering it places on immigrants in second place.

“Altschuler then claimed that Trump wants to tear mothers from their children. Carlson followed up, ‘Who is a bigger threat to immigrant families? The president or MS-13?’

“‘The president without question,’ Altschuler said. Carlson told the activist that his assessment was ‘grotesque.’ And the interview just got more explosive from there.”

And there you have a hardcore liberal making a jackass out of himself and revealing the true nature of much of leftist thinking on national television for all to see.

Altschuler makes sense only in a world where the liberals’ number one priority is to destroy the Trump administration regardless of what damage might be done to others, including to fellow liberals.

In that sense, it’s a self-destructive menagerie of twisted thinking.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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