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Terrifying: INSANE Liberals Viciously Attack Barron Trump…First Family Is Shocked!

My, how the left loves children.

At least, that’s what they try and sell as part of their public image.

I mean, how many times have you heard a Democrat moan, while trying to pass some sort of open borders bill, or education funding measure, “oh, it’s for the children,” or, “oh, it’s so the children can have a future.”

They’re strangely quiet on that “for the children” mantra during talk of abortion – shifting slightly to a “for the women” line of argument – but aside from that, liberals love to throw it in the face of Republicans how very, very caring Democrats are about the nation’s youngest, and how members of the GOP could learn a thing or two from the left.

Of course, the left’s love of the children doesn’t extend to the children of conservative parents. No, of course not. They’ve already gone after Melania Trump but hey, they’re allowed to hate the First Family, right?

First, there’s this piece of disgusting, treasonous insanity:

Then, take a look at some of the Tweets about Barron Trump, as collected by Louder With Crowder…they should make your shoulders cringe, at the least.

Another wrote: “I’m gonna say it. I HATE Barron Trump. He always looks bored, tired and smug. At least pretend like you were raised right.”

That’s just a drop in the bucket of how the left truly loves the children.

Who does that? Who attacks the children of parents you can’t stand, or the children of parents with politics you can’t stand? It’s such a stomach-churning thing to do. But that’s how the left sees itself: as SO right in their cause, they can do no wrong.

The left, so entrenched in its ideology, can’t imagine a scenario when any means to their end goal of power is not justified – even if that means includes slamming, shaming or just outright demeaning a small child in order to somehow take potshots at the parents’ politics.

Well note to left: It’ ain’t working. Slamming a child to make a political statement only outs you as despicable – deplorable even.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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