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BOMBSHELL Explodes: Liberals Will Control Facebook “Fake News” Crackdown…Trump Is Furious!

Well, this is comforting for conservatives – NOT.

Know how Facebook has been out and about in the news lately, assuring its executives are so on-the-job about all this so-called “fake news” that’s been floating around lately that they’ve established a new watchdog program to root out the propaganda?

Here’s the part that’s discomforting: Facebook’s so-called watchdogs are extremely leftist.

“Facebook announced … that myth-busting website Snopes will be one of a few fact-checking organizations allowed to label stories as ‘fake news,'” the Daily Caller reported. “Almost all of the writers churching out fact checks for Snopes have a liberal background, and many of them have expressed contempt for Republican voters.”

So what Facebook is really doing is putting the fox – or, to be more accurate, a few foxes, because ABC and PolitiFact will be joining Snopes in this endeavor – in charge of the henhouse.


“Snopes managing editor Brooke Binkowski said on Twitter that Brexit supporters were ‘pandering to racist mouth-breather Britain First types,'” the Daily Caller said.

And there’s more.

Again, from the Daily Caller: “Former BuzzFeed science writer Alex Kasprak now works for Snopes and he has let folks on Twitter know he thinks Trump is a bully and an idiot and compared the New York businessman to Kim John Il.”

Nice. And it doesn’t end there…

The watch-doggers will basically flag those stories they find suspicious in terms of facts – which, to a leftist, is any story that strays outside the far-left narrative – and then issue a warning to readers that the piece is considered subpar,

Conservatives, be ready. There are going to be a lot of red flags raised on Facebook news posts in the coming months.

Source: The Daily Caller

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