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Massive Truth Bomb: Liberals Act Like Hateful Children Online…New Evidence Proves It!

Years ago, I made a startling discovery about how Liberal friends treated me when they found out that I was a Conservative.

Being a writer, you tend to run with musicians, artists, poets, sculptors, and other writers. Inevitably, one of them would discover that I was a registered Republican and would absolutely lose their minds. They would literally decide that they never wanted to speak with me again. No amount of explaining could change their minds. Some of these had been my friends for many years.

Some years later, I was told that my hypothesis was ridiculous; that Conservatives seemed to be more affable and Liberals more intolerant. A new study appears to bear me out.

From HotAir:

“A poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found Democrats were far more likely to unfriend, unfollow or block someone over postings on social media than were Republicans. The pattern was even more pronounced when comparing liberals to conservatives.”


What they’ve found is that, of those polled, 24% of Democrats versus 9% of Republicans were likely to end contact with those who disagreed with them politically. It was even more dramatic for Conservatives and Liberals. The study pointed to 28% of Liberals versus 8% of Conservatives for the same situation.

“In addition to the gap among party lines and political outlook, PRRI also found a big gender gap. The group most likely to unfriend or block someone over a political post online was Democratic women (30%) while the group least likely to do so was Republican men (8%). But party seemed to play a larger role than gender. Only 10% of Republican women had blocked someone compared to 14% of Democratic men.”

So, in case you missed it, the survey found that Republican women are tougher in spirit and the mind than Democrat men. Seems to me that all those years of forcing men to rid themselves of their “toxic masculinity” has finally succeeded in completely neutering them.

Source: HotAir

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