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Shock Report: Liberals More Likely To Be MENTALLY ILL…Leaked Stats Prove It!

Okay, so we’ve all watched these absolutely vicious attacks on President Donald Trump with a mix of interest, alarm and outright outrage.

We’ve got crazy liberals storming the halls of government offices, for one thing, which has caused Republicans everywhere to worry about their safety.

This is no longer one side arguing with another side; this is a bunch of ticked-off sore losers throwing massive temper tantrums that get people hurt, even killed.

Thankfully, law enforcement organizations like the FBI aren’t taking this lightly, as they’re cracking down on violent left-wingers who apparently have the restraint of an immature Rambo.

If you consider these horrific attacks and the many, many instances of physical assaults that have taken place at anti-Trump rallies and protests around the nation – they’re crazy, right?

Well, lookie here. There’s a reason the left may appear so crazy lately. It’s because they simply are crazy.

That’s no joke.

But now it looks like there’s empirical evidence to back up the idea that leftists are mentally ill. Charts and all,” Louder With Crowder wrote.

Yes, you read that right. There is actually live, factual basis to regard leftists as crazy that is based on the empirical data that points to them actually being mentally unstable.

For instance, depression is found to plague those who identify as political liberal to a much greater degree than those who identify as conservative.

And liberal women, more than men, are particularly afflicted, to the point where they’re diagnosed with bipolar depression, the news blog reported, citing charted data.

Basically, it’s a control thing.

“Mayhaps leftists are suffering from a God complex in addition to being mentally ill. But, luckily, most people have wised up to leftist kookiness and voted accordingly. If progressives think they’re fit to tell the rest of us how to live and what to think, their eggs are really scrambled,” Louder With Crowder said.

Well, we don’t need a scientific finding to tell us that point is true, do we?

For liberals, government is all about control and power. It’s not, as conservatives or the Constitution see it, about service to the taxpayers, the constituents, or the employers who hire them to serve.

Conservatives may have strayed from that noted point of service in recent times, overstepping duly elected and constitutional bounds.

But for liberals, it’s a whole way of life. It’s about losing their freakin’ minds and screaming at a wall because they think this actually accomplishes something.

And apparently, they take it to mental extremes that ultimately, when left untreated, lead them to genuinely believe it’s OK – in their twisted, psychotic minds – to actually attack and unleash violence on those of conservative principles who dare to express views that deviate from their sad little progressive norms.

Conservatives of the country: be safe. There are some REAL nutjobs out there.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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