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HOLY GOD! Liberals Elect Muslim As State Chairman, But Nobody Knew His TERRIFYING Secret…

The Wellstone Memorial, if anyone can remember anymore, took what was supposed to be a posthumous tribute to a fellow Democrat and turned it into a politically charged circus of buffoons.

Sadly, it rightly embarrassed both the speakers and the family of the deceased.

More recently, the ever-foot-in-mouth prone Queen of Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi, and Elijah “Benghazi is a political witch hunt” Cummings, took the lead from a New York Times article about some insensitive tweets by General Michael Flynn.

Then they called a hasty press conference to drag Flynn over the coals, only to be interrupted in the middle of the event by an aide who whispered in Pelosi’s ear that the tweets were fake.


Of course, who can forget then-President Bill Clinton looking straight into the television camera, wagging a finger and saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

Then you’ve got a former adult entertainment star owning the Crooked Clintons on social media, which we just can’t get enough of and further embarrasses the Leftist fools.

But how’s about electing someone ENTIRELY for the purpose of political correctness, only to find out that person…? Well, check this out:

MAD World News:

“When Democrats elected the first Muslim as their state party chairman, the liberals boasted that his win was a ‘message to Trump’ in defiance of his travel ban.

The left wing has always bucked common sense and truth in order to push their agenda, mostly because both contradict their political values.

In their relentless attempt to create the epic failure that is ‘multiculturalism,’ Democrats have exalted the one religion that is most dangerous to even their beliefs.

Frontpage Magazine reports that shortly after Vermont Democrats gloated that they had sent “a really strong message to Trump” after electing Faisal Gill, a Muslim immigrant, as chairman of their party, his terrorist background surfaced.


Gill, who was just recently lauded as a beacon of Islamic integration and contribution to the U.S. has been under surveillance by the FBI for his involvement in support of Muslim terrorists, including al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki.

His sinister history resurfaced in response to the Democratic voters who thrust the terror-tied migrant to the highest position within their state party.”

Leave it to the Democrats to show they are much more interested in party politics than the actual truth. If they had spent even one moment of vetting this man, they could have saved their constituents from an embarrassing situation like this.

Then again, embarrassment, like misery, seems to be the Democrat swansong as of late.

And by the way, there’s a very good reason why polls like this have obvious results: The overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens view Muslims as a colossal threat. And Democrats screaming, “it ain’t so!” doesn’t alleviate our fears.

Sources: MAD World News, Frontpage Magazine

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