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SICK – Liberal Scumbags Sink To DISGUSTING New Low, Attack Trump’s GRANDCHILDREN!

Having a family near Brady-Bunch proportions, I am the first one to get my dander up when it comes to going after a person’s kids.

Whether or not you disagree with the man (or woman) there is an unspoken rule that you NEVER, EVER go after their kids. You don’t attack 1o-year-old Barron Trump because you don’t like his father.

Kids are innocent and their lives are precious. Anyone who attacks a child, physically, verbally, or mentally, requires a swift and thorough beatdown.

In the case of some Liberals, the Blue Badge of Jackass does not imbue one with carte-blanche access to brutality toward a child.

That being said, it is more than apparent that this “unspoken rule” about children and politics ONLY applies to Republicans. They have gone after the Bush daughters, Sarah Palin’s children, and Donald Trump.

Contrarily, you will never find a single instance of a person in the media going after Chelsea or the Obama girls.

This double standard is eternal for the mainstream media. “Thou shalt not demean or debase a Democrat child.” While liberals can stand in the street and spout the worst filth imaginable about…well, anything.

Well, the MSM has stooped to a new low. Now they have gone after the very small grandchildren of Donald Trump.

MAD World News:

“Arabella and Joseph Kushner, President Donald Trump’s grandchildren, have gotten to ride in Marine One, something most children can only dream about.

As the entire family boarded the helicopter to fly to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where Air Force One was waiting to take them to Florida, scumbag liberals spotted Trump allowing his grandson to [play] with a Marine One replica toy, and that was enough to push leftists over the edge and show their hate


Ignoring the rule to ‘leave the children out of politics’ that they boldly screamed anytime someone made mention of Malia Obama, even when she became an adult, the left didn’t hesitate to come out swinging against little Joseph.

First, they started on the young boy’s clothing…another idiot decided to attack the child’s body.

Regardless of the severity (or non-severity) of the statements by these people, the fact remains that Leftists live by a separate set of rules when it comes to judging Republicans.

This is not a newsflash, obviously, but there is such a thing as tedium when it comes to looking at the world through the eyes of a Conservative and seeing the constant sophomoric behavior of Liberals.

It does seem that no matter how old they get, they still remain children inside, throwing their tantrums, holding their breath, and name-calling at every opportunity.

Bullies only need a shove before they revert to their true selves: blubbering masses of cowardice. Get a life, Lefties!

Source: MAD World News

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