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Liberals Were Asked Why They Support Sharia Law – The Replies Left Americans Speechless

Sharia Law has never been a hotter topic in the world than it is today…but not for the desirable reasons Muslims would wish.

The Islamic laws which are at once religious and governmental in nature (although that part is typically denied) are some of the most oppressive on Earth.

Islamophiles are becoming a commodity these days in the Party of the Jackass, and with good reason.

With Islam in the hot seat of many intelligence and military agencies, Democrats are feeling the need to jump into the fray to provide a protective shield.

And they continue to defend Islam and Muslim at every possible turn, and this includes the barbaric notion of Sharia Law.

When polling in American universities, the constant Leftist barrage of pro-Sharia Law mentality from Liberal professors and students is immediately apparent, and downright sickening.

Yes I’m Right:

“In a hilarious clip posted to YouTube, liberals attending an anti anti-Sharia law protest were asked to explain themselves. And they failed. Miserably.

They blathered on and on about how great the country would be if all the refugees and migrants on the planet could come here and mumbled a few words about Sharia. Apparently, it’s not that bad.

“If they’re against Sharia, are you against feeding the poor? Are you against being friendly, showing love?

Because essentially that is Sharia,” Asma Elhuni, of the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told NPR.

Sharia law also demands the death of anyone who isn’t Muslim, orders women to sublimate their desires and become totally obedient to men, and forces men to devote their lives to spreading vicious dogma.

Sharia is as much about love as it is about particle physics, which is to say not at all.”

With a name like Shams, it’s almost too easy to make your point about this whole “Sharia is Love” business.

How is this even possible? How can a group of supposedly educated people be THIS clueless about a particular topic?

Your generic answer to every last issue on the planet can’t be “peace and love,” you wannabe-hippies. Reality just doesn’t work that way.

On top of which, if you ever cracked a book and did some real research, and came to understand precisely what Sharia Law is and why America must fight it every step of the way, perhaps you’d have something intelligent to contribute.

Another reason to steer clear of these so-called “institutions of higher learning” until the liberal regime finally topples.

Source:  Yes I’m Right

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