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Horrifying: Radical Liberals Threaten To “Burn Alive” Elector And Family…Unforgivable!

Oh, the tolerant left. Just when you think liberals can’t get any uglier, tasteless and vicious, they manage to surprise and rise to the occasion.

It’s already pretty well documented that liberals can’t stand any opinion that’s different from their own. Throughout the entire election process, the left has proven over and over that they’re just a bunch of spoiled, whiny brats. Talk about the sorest losers in history.

But here’s the latest on that score…prepare to be sickened.

Talk of the Electoral College and possible defections from Donald Trump dominated most of the media in recent days. And as usual, the left tried to depict itself as sane, even while calling on electors to oust Trump from his duly elected spot and instead, sway the election to Hillary Clinton.

But this just goes too far.


As one elector said, as noted by Louder With Crowder: “I’ve had death wishes, people just saying, ‘I hope you die, do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus.’ And just recently, I was reading a blog about me, and unfortunately, these people not only called for the burning of myself, but my family, which is completely out of line.”

Did you catch that – the anti-Trump movement actually called for the burning of an elector who wouldn’t defect and choose Clinton?

ISIS would be so proud.

“By the way, kudos to this dude,” Louder With Crowder added, of the elector. “We, here at LwC, are no strangers to online haterness. It comes with the troll riddled territory of the world wide web. But this elector college voter? He’s been randomly plucked out of many and has since become a target of the left’s hormonal Chernobyl.”

What else is there to say? Only this: Consider what would have been the reaction of the left if Mitt Romney supporters said similarly to the electors who cast ballots for President Obama a few years ago. The media then probably wouldn’t be so kind.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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