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Mad Dog’s Badass Message Goes Viral – Here’s The Most Powerful Warning In U.S. History

It seems that Trump’s presidency has lit a fire under many world leaders.

Rather than show respect and keep criticism mostly behind closed doors, it seems folks are lining up to publicly mock or shame the president.

Even our supposed allies slight Trump at every opportunity, pretending like they don’t owe the United States respect for subsidizing their crumbling welfare states and de facto paying for their defense.

It’s beyond enraging to see people like Germany’s Angela Merkel act all high and mighty, and the same goes for the Brits, French, and Mexicans.

While it’s bad enough to have allies testing America’s resolve and bonds at every turn, even worse is that our adversaries are becoming more aggressive.

With a new president assuming office, it’s not surprising to see some movement, as they’re trying to see what the new guy’s all about.

But what the North Koreans have been doing is tantamount to a declaration of war, as their missile tests and threats have drastically increased since the election.

After 8 years of Obama’s incompetence and do-nothing policies towards the regime, they’ve managed to further perfect their nuclear and ICBM technology, and now they’re legitimately capable of striking the US.

This is what defense specialists have feared for years, a near impossible problem to solve.

But the Trump administration has stood firm in its aggressive posture towards Kim Jong-Un’s threats, which was reiterated recently by General Mattis.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in a recent “Face the Nation” interview that he “keeps other people awake at night.”

Last week, intelligence reports broke startling news indicating that the North Koreans may have finally reached a new level of nuclear technology: the ability to miniaturize a warhead.

After this revelation hit the news, Trump stood strong and warned in a press conference that threats against the US “will be met with the fire and the fury like the world has never seen.”

Following up the president’s remarks, Mattis released his own statement backing him up:

“The United States and our allies have the demonstrated capabilities and unquestionable commitment to defend ourselves from an attack.

Kim Jong Un should take heed of the United Nations Security Council’s unified voice, and statements from governments the world over, who agree the DPRK poses a threat to global security and stability. 

The DPRK must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons.  

The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.

President Trump was informed of the growing threat last December and on taking office his first orders to me emphasized the readiness of our ballistic missile defense and nuclear deterrent forces.

While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on Earth


The DPRK regime’s actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates.”

Talk about a stern warning.

Rather than back down in the face of their threats Trump, unlike past presidents, isn’t interested in appeasing them.

The regime often makes threats as a means to extract something from the US, like the reduction of sanctions, but that’s no longer a viable option because Trump isn’t one to back down when threatened.

The North Korean menace has been holding the region hostage for a long time and with their latest capabilities, they think they can do the same with the US.

But they’re in for a rude awakening if they truly think they can successfully blackmail Trump. As the president and Mattis said:

You screw with us, and your regime will be eradicated.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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