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SHOCKING: Madonna Attacks Trump On Stage…What She Does Is TREASONOUS!

Madonna, the aging Material Girl pop star of the 1980s, isn’t exactly known as a political voice in either Democrat or Republican circles.

In fact, most of her career has been spent being silent on the subject, while selling sex masked as musical ability on the stage.

But for Donald Trump, she seems to have made an exception.

While performing in Miami just recently, the near-60-year-old singer took to stage dressed as if she were still in her 20s, and announced her views of Trump. Perhaps unsurprisingly, like many clueless entertainers: Typical liberal.

She flashed pictures of Trump on the big screen and screamed, “You know that you’re toxic,” riffing off a 2003 Brittney Spears’ song, Right Wing News reported. And then she drove home her point during an interview with the Associated Press.


“It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being really,” she said, to the AP.

Her real anger was directed at the fact the United States devasted the Native Americans’ lands. And she saw Trump as an extension of that theft.

But as Right Wing News opined: Give it a break, Madonna.

“Madonna, you have no idea what it means to be an ‘American.’ You play the victim and pretend that you are above it all,” the news blog wrote. “It’s mind-numbing … I mean, the woman reportedly joked about a promise she made to perform oral sex on anyone who had voted for her candidate, Hillary Clinton. Just gross.”

Yes, and pitiful. At some point, we’re going to have to just stop listening to these outrageously pampered, entitled, egomaniacal celebrities. Well, we like to listen to one: Gene Simmons ripped his fellow celebrities and told them to “shut their pie-holes.”

Madonna should take that sage advice.

Source: Right Wing News

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