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Terrifying: Madonna Hits Washington With Shocking Threat…Secret Service On Alert!

Okay, in a fight between Madonna and Ann Coulter…who wins?

HANDS DOWN, Coulter kicks Madonna’s a**!

First, Coulter would yank out Madonna’s extensions, then she’d punch out what’s left of her 60-something-year-old teeth, then she’d insult her really, REALLY bad acting, and finally, she’d dropkick her to the curb and Vogue-pose over her for a long moment before applying some lipstick and getting in her Ford Fiesta to speed off to a talk at the local university to a bunch of Liberal students about the history of assimilation and why it’s implemented in nearly every civilized country around the world.


So anyway, the 500K-person “Women’s March” took place yesterday in the nation’s capitol and the stars were out in force. After all, what other opportunities do aging has-beens have these days of getting a bunch of TV cameras to cover them without the promise of oral sex or pubic hair and genitalia tats…?

Of course, all this was after protesters spread violence and fear during President Trump’s inauguration and thankfully, the authorities have responded. Maybe those same authorities should turn their attention here-

Madonna’s pathetic rant, which culminated in what can only  be described as a DIRECT THREAT against the Trump administration.

Allen B. West:

I admit it. I’ve even thought a lot about blowing up the White House. But knew that it wouldn’t change anything.

Sick. Had anyone else said this within view of the White House, we know what the reaction would’ve been.

But it’s Madonna. If she had stood up there and said the word “Poop!” over and over, the MSM would have had her on all the talk shows and news interview segments. “What did you mean by “Poop”? Did you mean that this is what the new administration represents to you and all Americans?”

And you know, we’ve been hearing this threats since before the Inauguration; now Madonna stands up there and gives voice to them in a public forum…and it’s just terrifying.

But what exactly is “this new age of tyranny?”

You mean the tyranny of the left, who just last night smashed windows, destroyed storefronts and burned cars? That tyranny?

The new age of tyranny that beats up people just for wearing Trump hats or t-shirts? That tyranny?

I don’t mean to insert myself into this story, but I (Michele Hickford) attended the inauguration. I bought a commemorative knit hat to wear, but only wore it inside the “safe” area because I was afraid to wear it out on the streets lest I become the target of anti-Trump anarchists. You mean that new age of tyranny?

Michele is right on the money, of course. There was a chance for these malcontents to make a difference and, instead, they chose to attend the latest rave at 3 in the morning and discuss their bright futures under a Hillary presidency in their new jobs as ACA phone service representatives ($75 an hour/full benefits/but not covered under Obamacare).

They had their chance to bus in illegals and the homeless from other states to vote, or register in the names of dead people, but no. They opted to shirk their Gaia-given Earthly responsibility to save the planet from the ever-present catastrophe of Climate Change and smoked a little weed instead.

But fear not, there’s always another crisis right around the corner, waiting to be used and abused by the dazed and confused.

Source: Allen B. West

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