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Mama Bear Catches Thief Breaking Into Her Home – Her EPIC Reaction INSTANTLY Goes Viral

With the election of Donald Trump, the American people are regaining their confidence and their patriotism.

It really seems like people are a lot less helpless now, doesn’t it? Like the snowflakes are LOSING?

Just the other day, a headline broke of a man who fought off three armed thugs who attempted to gun him down on his own front lawn.  The dude must be a superhero or something.

Then there was the good samaritan who likely saved several lives when he dropped a maniac in a bar (the “victim” had already killed the bar owner; who knows how many more he would’ve killed?).

Anyway, the Left has been tirelessly working to erode the rights of the American people away to a mere shadow of what they formerly were. And this has also had a profound impact on patriotism

But our First Amendment rights will not be squelched.  Nor will our Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

The Blaze:

“A mother and entrepreneur in McKinney, Texas, was at home when a burglar dressed in all black and with a mask walked right into her living room.

She posted a video on Facebook Thursday explaining what happened next and addressed the burglar directly.

‘So, just to make something clear. To the kid who broke into my home tonight: I’m not sure that you know what this is but I am locked and loaded,’ she warned.

‘And by the way, thank you for leaving all the evidence behind. Because guess what? You were on camera, breaking into our home.

“And you’re so smart that you left your fingerprints everywhere for the McKinney PD to now have them. We have inside cameras, and we have outside cameras.

You won’t do it again. We will find you. Don’t mess with my home. It was not smart on your part young man, you committed a felony and you will be found. Period.

Then she drove the point home with one massive sledgehammer:

“All McKinney middle school parents -be aware if this is your child -he’s in VERY SERIOUS TROUBLE. Spread the word around. I. Am. Not. Kidding. When. It. Comes. To. The. Safety. Of. My. Family. And. My Home.”


Liberals, you have awoken the sleeping mama bear…and she’s not happy. Sorry kid, but you broke into the wrong house.

Source:  The Blaze

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