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Look What Happened When A Man Asked Teen Thugs To Stop Smoking Pot

It’s always interesting to check the headlines on conservative/local news websites when certain types of crimes are committed.

You can always guess which ones will and won’t be picked up by the media, based on who’s committing the crime.

In the US, the media has a very strong aversion to covering violent crimes committed by blacks, especially when it comes to youths.

However, if many of these uncovered stories had the races reversed, you’d have Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson all locking arms as they marched the streets in whatever town the crimes were committed in.

It’s all part of the left-wing narrative, the one that doesn’t care about improving the black community or addressing the problems. That’s because liberals like things how they are.

Of course, they fancy themselves as the protectors of minorities, despite being the ones responsible for the ongoing deep divisions.

Through sheer propaganda and lies, they have a small but powerful voting block that always pulls the lever for them.

It’s a modern day plantation, as dependency is a form of slavery, and the Left has made the black community addicted to government assistance that they promise they’ll provide. Like a drug dealer getting a customer hooked.


A kind of story you won’t be seeing in the mainstream news involves a large gang of teens beating a man senseless on the train for simply asking them not to smoke pot during the ride.

As reported at Breitbart, a gang of teens brutally beat a man on a Dallas commuter train after he asked them not to smoke marijuana.

Apparently people are so stupid, they’ll whip out their phones and record felonies in the act, which is what this gang did.

A video shows the attack by a group of young black men and women on another black man identified as Kennan Jones, 44. The incident began when Jones asked the teens to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) train, CBS-DFW reported.

A DART spokesman told reporters a group of five males and two females began to hit, kick, and spit on Jones following his request.

Jones, who the group eventually knocked unconscious, told the local CBS affiliate:

“Everything just went from 0 to 100. I’m just very happy to be here… happy to hug my kids.”

The video lasted for two minutes and 30 seconds. During that time, Jones is brutally hit and kicked about various parts of his body, including his head.

At one point, one of the youths swung from a pole and appeared to kick Jones in the head. I guess they were just so caught up in the moment, they were willing to up the assault charges to murder.

When the doors of the train eventually opened the fight spilled onto the train platform. Things then settled down for a second, as Jones attempted to get up.

But then one of the attackers shouted, “He wants it. He wants it!

A DART official saw the fight on security cameras and called the police but it took nearly 10 minutes for police to arrive. A DART spokesperson apologized to Jones for the attack.

I’m so sorry it happened to him and I apologize for that,” Mark Ball said.

For him to have stood up for DART and our policies and then to be hurt by that is a tragedy.

This kind of mob violence is all too common. It’s become very dangerous to come upon groups of thugs like this, as it’s apparently acceptable to beat on people for fun if no one’s around and they think they can get away with it.

It’s a problem that won’t be solved unless the nation takes a hard look in the mirror and dispenses with the politically correct rhetoric and approach to solving the problem.

Sources: CBS DFWBreitbart

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