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Suspicious Man Heads Toward The Cockpit, Then Passengers Look Outside And See F-22 Fighter Jets…

If you’re a frequent flyer, this is exactly the sort of thing that makes you nervous.

All you really want is a nice, easy flight, with no major disturbances. Minimal turbulence would be good, too.

But sometimes, creepy things happen and you just have to hope everyone responds appropriately…

During a routine flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii, hundreds of passengers got quite the scare when a suspicious man started walking toward the cockpit in the middle of the flight.

Passengers noticed the man was acting strangely and worse, the guy was mumbling and had a blanket over his head.

Not a good sign.

According to ABC News:

About halfway through the flight, the passenger, identified as 25-year-old Turkish national Anil Uskanil, was headed towards the front of the plane.

He had a blanket over his head and was mumbling, witnesses said.

It’s unclear how far towards the front of the plane he made it.

Some eyewitnesses told ABC News that he tried to push his way through first class to the bathrooms, but was blocked by the beverage cart and a passenger.

The passenger was reportedly subdued, returned to his seat, and restrained with duct tape for the duration of the flight.

A statement from the Department of Homeland Security explained that the passenger was arrested after the plane landed.

This was a serious enough situation for the U.S. Pacific Command to scramble a pair of F-22 fighter jets to escort the plane the rest of the way to Honolulu.

And here’s the official statement the Department of Homeland Security issued concerning the incident:

On the one hand, you could applaud the fast-thinking crew/passengers (depending on who restrained this guy), and it’s nice to see Homeland Security taking these events very, very seriously.

On the other hand, you have to admit…air travel is still a little nerve-wracking.

Of course, if Obama had had his way, we might not have had any fighter jets left to scramble. …what that guy did to our military is just unforgivable.

Source: Independent Journal Review, ABC News

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