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What Is This Man Doing With A Deer Inside A Walmart?

No, this isn’t a story about a man’s love for a deer.

Rather, it’s a story about how a typical day of shopping can turn on a dime, and go from commonplace to extraordinary.

And remember, nature is all around us, and there are times when it decides to wander into our world of concrete and steel…and when that happens, it’s going to be frightened.

As reported by ABC affiliate WDAY6, a fawn was just looking for something to eat when it accidentally wandered into a Walmart.

You probably know that Walmart’s garden center is usually pretty open, and that was the deer’s unsurprising destination. Of course, the customers were more than a little taken aback.

Tom Grasswick didn’t notice, though. Well, not until the thing literally jumped into its arms.

And though still a baby by deer standards, the scared creature still packed quite a punch.

“It felt like I got slugged or something,” said Grasswick.

He added that instinct took over and he wrestled it to the ground, though it probably wasn’t an easy feat to totally subdue a surprisingly powerful hundred-pound animal. But hey, Tom was still bigger:

“I figured I was bigger than the deer so I’d win that wrestling match.”

After he got the deer down, he covered its eyes and let it sit for a bit. Then he got up and managed to get it outside, where he then let it go.

It would’ve been extra funny had the fawn turned around and ran back into the garden center but obviously, that’s not what happened.

Home it went, back to a forest that was (hopefully) nearby.

Strange things can happen any day, at any time. And you gotta be ready for any close encounters.

Source: WDAY6

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