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This Man Lived Through Taliban Hell…And He Has 9 BRUTAL Words For Anyone Who Defends Islam

Everyone should be rightly horrified at the brutal attack in Manchester, England.

At this point, the number of causalities includes 22 dead and 59 injured. That this attack was directed at young people only makes it even more abhorrent.

We naturally wonder what could possibly motivate people to commit murder on such a scale.

Neither revenge nor personal gain could have anything to do with it.

It turns out that there is an explanation, and it reminds us once again that this was a premeditated ISIS attack and that in fact, Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

This comes from a Muslim man who lived under Taliban rule, and it’s an explanation liberals do NOT want to hear.

Via Independent Journal Review:

“While parents mourn the deaths of their children and the authorities continue to investigative, Hamid Jan Kakar, a 29-year-old Afghan who resides in London, is sick of people saying ‘terrorism doesn’t have anything to do with Islam.‘”

Kakar lived under the Taliban until he was five. He still visits Afghanistan from time to time, and his relatives deal with terrorism every day.

Kakar explained the horrors of living under Taliban rule, then addressed what he sees as the central problem creating Islamic terror today.

Muslims will have to acknowledge that it’s them that are the victims of terrorism, and it is their responsibility to recognize the fact that these terrorists are followers of Islam.

Saying terrorism has no religion and Islam is a peaceful religion will not help.

And most importantly of all:

Everyone saying Islam is a peaceful religion is wrong. 

These terrorists are following a religion — they are following Islam.

Regardless of the motivation, spreading lies and misconceptions about a faith with as many adherents as Islam serves only those who use its teachings to commit violence.

If this problem is going to be resolved, and the trail of bloodshed and misery brought to an end, it is going to take brave individuals such as Mr. Kakar to speak out against a barbaric ideology.

And everyone else is going to need to embrace the truth…even liberals.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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