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Marco Rubio Slammed Trump Last Year, Now Watch Him Pull A 180 On Live TV

When you view the vast differences between the Republicans and Democrats in their primaries last year, you can see how different we really are.

Republicans went at each other tooth and nail until there was only one. In the end, many of them put aside their differences knowing that the contest was ultimately fair and square.

Democrats, on the other hand, decided that Hillary was the nominee, the rest of the candidates be damned, and the nomination was handed to Clinton on a silver platter.

And while Bernie seemed fine with it, you know he and many other Leftists harbor plenty of resentment. And we’ve seen that resentment explode to the surface many times in 2017.

And yet, on the flip side, Republicans seem more than willing to work together; even those who really loathed each other just a short time ago.

Now, Senator Marco Rubio is commenting on his working relationship with Trump and the comments are surprising.

Conservative Tribune:

“While some Republicans have been reluctant to come over to Trump’s side in the aftermath of that, even though Trump is now president, several of Trump’s former competitors have gotten on board the Trump train, like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

‘Why the change from your standpoint?’ Bartiromo asked Rubio. ‘Has President Trump done something beyond this that has changed your relationship with him?’

Rubio all but dismissed the question.

‘I just think this whole relationship thing is overblown,’ he said. ‘It’s like asking two boxers, ‘Are you mad that he punched you in the face in the ring and is he mad that you punched him back?’

“We ran against each other. He won the Republican nomination,’ Rubio explained. ‘You don’t have to agree with the president of your party on every single issue to want him to succeed.’

President Trump’s success is America’s success. It’s not his individual success. Of course I want the president to be successful,’ Rubio concluded.”

As well, it appears that Senator Ted Cruz has been as gracious of late (in fact, he continually comes to the President’s defense).

If the three can put their heads together, along with the rest of the Republican Party, only great things will happen.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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